Installing and exporting Photoshop actions

Installing Actions

Installing actions on your computer is rather straight forward. You can install the action file anywhere on your computer hard disk. It does not have to be installed in the Photoshop directory hierarchy.

Once you have copied the action file onto your computer, you have to load the actions within Photoshop so that the actions are available for use. To load the actions, select "Load Actions ..." from the Actions palette menu as shown below:

Locate your action file and select the "Load" button. Your actions are added to the Actions palette.


Exporting Actions

Exporting actions is called "Save Actions ..." in Photoshop. You export the actions for backup purposes and to share with others. Only action sets can be exported; individual actions cannot be exported. To export an action set, you must first select the action set from the Action palette. Then select "Save Actions ..." from the Action palette menu as shown below:

Once an action set has been exported (saved), it can be moved and copied as needed.

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